Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bed rebuild and a trip to the veggie plot

A portion of one of the full sun beds has gotten a wee bit out of control. Ok, completely out of control! There are some iris  and sedum that have intergrown and when the iris are blooming it is is easy to overlook but now it is unsightly. The plan is to dig it all out and rebuild this portion of the bed.

I also took a few pictures of the purple coneflower, and the headed over to the veggie plot to drop off material for the compost heap and see what is happening. It has been a week since I've been there. All in all a dirty, sweaty, and very satisying afternoon.

This is what I'm starting with.
It's a jungle!
I tore it all out. Then added two bags - 80 lbs - of composted manure.

Raked it smooth.
Trimmed the iris, and  put some of them back, and replanted the sedum. It looks a tad barren but will be good next year I am sure.

While I was out, a moth was eating from the purple coneflower.
They sure are pretty!

Finished at the house I drove over to the veggie patch. Mixed news - the greenbeans and tomatos seem really great, the cucumbers are starting to fruit, the beets may see some fruition yet, but the chickens have gotten into the the butternut squash. Pecking enough to ruin the fruit and decide they don't like them. And, oddly the zuchinni that looked so vigorous just a short time ago have faded with no discernable reason why - anyone have any ideas?

We will have an abundance of tomatos!
Beets are looking good. I think.
Anyone have any ideas what might be happening here?
Damn chickens sampling the butternut squash. Grrrr
Eggs? I'm thinking SOUP! @#$% Chickens!
Cucumbers beginning to bear fruit.

This tomato is taller than I am!
We will have a good harvest!
 A few sweet jewels.
Beets might yet be harvestable.
Nice eggplant.

Back at the house with todays' harvest. I'll be prepping and freezing them tomorrow! Stay tuned.

Keep digging!

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