Thursday, July 8, 2010

Green Beans from the Garden, Vegetable Curry

We had some green beans from the garden, I did not get over there but the wife did. More than enough for dinner.

Here are some strange radish pods or moolachya shenga.

A little chopped garlic and grated ginger.

The prepped vegetables.

Start with oil or ghee and mustard seeds.

When they pop, add the garlic and ginger. Lower heat and cook. When soft, add the rest of the vegetables.

We're testing Baji's Curry Simmer Sauce. It's from Aldi's. You add it to the vegetables plus 8oz of water and simmer. You can use meat, but tonight is vegetarian.

We had some spinach we needed to eat, so in it goes.

It sure cooks down quickly!

Dinner is served!

 All in all the Sauce is pretty good, but rather middle of the road. It does nothing to offend, but not much to excite. Not a bad way to make a quick weekday dinner. I'd buy it again.

Eat well!

A double post as the green beans were from the garden.

My garden blog
My cooking blog


  1. I love to eat green beans raw straight from the plant. You dish looks very tasty though.

  2. Shayla, the "fur" is a little off putting for me, but they sure are crisp!
    Thanks for stopping by Shayla!


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