Saturday, July 17, 2010

Harvest on a hot summer night

Last night, a run to the garden to drop off compost and check the moisture level and see what is growing was in order.

Compost, check.

Moisture, uh moisture? Seems the landowner opened the valve for the rain barrels and drained all 175 gallons! I was pretty unhappy about it! We ended up watering from the well, but that rather defeats the purpose of the barrels!

A few cool beverages assuaged my anger.

We picked green beans, checked on some onions, and pulled/ thinned a few carrots to see how they were doing, and harvested a nice eggplant!

Here is the harvest.

Quite the haul! I'll be looking into some spicy greenbean pickles!

Keep  digging!

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  1. Why did the landlord drain the water barrels? No wonder you were angry.

  2. Hi Shayla, It was an honest mistake and unintentional. They opened the valve & got to doing something else and just plain forgot. If we get rain in the next day or so, we'll be fine. Besides it was their well we ended up tapping to water everything. But the waste of "free water" was disappointing. How does your garden grow?

  3. Your harvest looks great, a shame about the water barrels! We just got our water butts operational at my garden centre- 2 2,500 litre ones. I'm thrilled to be using rainwater, so much more sustainable!


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