Sunday, November 14, 2010

Final Vegetable Plot Harvest - more beets!

After raking and shredding the leaves in the front yard, I bagged them up to take to the compost heap at the vegetable plot. We've started a new pile and this will make a great base. After dumping the leaves, I stepped  into the garden for the last time this year with a harvest bag.

Back home, let's see what we have. It looks like a big tangled mess!

However, a short time later I have a nice batch of baby beets ready to roast, and a big bag of beet greens, which are delicious!

So that is almost that for the year, but I still have lettuce in the hoop house. It'll be fun to see how long I can keep it growing.

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well.

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  1. Why do most people throw away the leaves of their beets, then make a special effort to grow Swiss Chard??

  2. Good point Mark! The flavor and cooking technique is the similar for both.

  3. When I was growing up, we never ate the beet greens, my mother didn't like them but she made some good pickled beets. If I could get some to grow now, I would never throw away the greens but I live in the South now and all greens are eaten here.

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  5. It is a lovely beets harvest! I hope that your lettuce will survive in hoop house and provide you with few nice salad bowls this winter.

  6. Vrtlarica, Thank you! Sadly at -14C nothing survives the hoop house.


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