Monday, January 24, 2011

Microgreens Day 7

As exciting as watching sprouts grow, wait that's what we are doing. Each morning and night I spritz with water, and rotate the bed. Everyday the tiny sprouts stretch and reach for the light. If shot in time elapse and sped up, They would be waving like the crowd at at an ABBA concert.

Here they are:

Cute little fella's huh? Another few days and we'll be snacking on them!

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!

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  1. I commented on this the other day.. that is probably just root hairs, not mold. Mold is usually due to high humidity though...

  2. They are growing pretty fast!

  3. Hi Melissa, you could be right, Though they were under a dome when the white fuzziness started. As soon as I took it off, it abated.

  4. Ana, yes they grow so fast It should not be long now. I know just what my first application will bee. Can't wait!


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