Thursday, March 24, 2011

Potted Seedlings

The last few years, before I got more interested in vegetable gardening, I would start most of my vegetables by purchasing seedlings. There is nothing wrong with that, but it transfers some control over to the big producers.

I want a more hands-on experience, so I've started some from seed this year. A few homemade pots, started a while ago and some new pots started tonight.

Tonight's new starts include:
Hot lemon pepper
Kung Pao peppers
Cimmaron Lettuce
Sweet bell pepper

No, there are no pictures, no need to show pots of seed starter.

The other sprouts are in the south window of the "sun room" and they seem to be doing well.
They include:
3 kinds of tomato ( Cherry, Roma, Rutgers)
Black Beauty eggplant
2 peppers (Jalapeno, Habenero)

Yes, I'm a little heavy on the chilies and tomatoes, but that is what we eat and preserve.  It may not seem like many seedlings but the Square Foot Gardening method suggests that we don't need as many because we won't be thinning. I like the theory.

While we are out here, I might as well show  you the "sun room." Originally an exterior porch on my little Sears house (circa 1927), this was converted to a three season porch before I bought the house 10 years ago. I ripped out the walls, and added a ton of insulation and  now it is usable year-round. Yes there is a ton of stuff in here. I live here, it's not a show place!

Anyway, there are seedlings growing, but I can't wait to get outside and going on the beets and carrots!

What do you have in little pots waiting for warmer weather?

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!

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  1. That looks a pretty neat arrangement, David. I like your selection of veg to grow - chillis, broccoli, tomatoes are top of my list too. Many of my seedlings are just about ready for pricking-out into individual pots now.

  2. In the closeup photo of the pots, it looks like you cut a large yogurt container (or similar) in half, then not only used the bottom but flipped the other part over, snapped on the lid, and used that as well. Is that right? I'd be concerned about picking up the pots and having the lid fall off and losing everything in it.

    Nice post.

  3. Good eye Alan! That is precisely what I did. I used duct tape to hold the lids on. Being aware that they are built that way, combined with being the only person handling them, I should be OK. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I have just peppers waiting to be planted. I will likely do that tomorrow. There is still some herbs and marigolds but I am waiting for those to grow a bit more.

  5. awesome! I am trying winter-sowing as I've never had luck with normal in-door starting (not enough light etc) and there are tiny starts in each pot that I've had outside for over two weeks. The plants don't seem to have been damaged by the freezing weather we've gotten and are very 'cute' if I may say so... LOL
    I have a friend who starts tomatoes and will be getting a wide variety from him, as well as probably 2-4 Big Boy and Better Boy from a store somewhere. I grew up with about 1/2 acre garden and am used to 10-12 dozen tomato plants, so it's hard to remember I don't need very many for our growing family of currently 4+ and plenty to share around (I love sharing)
    Our family never started seed indoors -we bought mostly seeds and put them directly outdoors and bought young tomato plants.
    I have a small enclosed porch that I would love to make into a sun room but would take more money and effort than we can currently afford, so I am not hopeful in that area.
    Good luck and thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi becky - I've been wtahcing your blog - you are quite a way ahead of us in terms of warm weather. We're still about 7 weeks out from frost free.

  7. Roselily Dreamer, 10-12 dozen?! As in 120-144 tomato plants? Great googly moogly! That's alot of tomatoes! Keep dreaming on the sun room, it can happen...


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