Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Veggie plot is turned.

Ok - we're about to go over to the group garden location in Winfield. It's on private property so I won't say where exactly.

Yesterday it was all turned - a neighbor has a tractor with a "flailer" - so I'm told we're tilled to about 8-10". Plan is to make 2'-3' rows with 2' between. If we dig down the 8" for the paths we can mound that up in the rows for raised beds. Line paths with newspaper and straw to keep the mud down.

Also have to set up the irrigation system. I obtained 3x55 gallon barrels we'll set up for rain catchment.

Oh and the tilled area is quite rocky so we'll do some rock picking today too. The soil however is old pasture, so what dirt is there is fertile from years of horse poop.

Stay tuned!

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