Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring is sleeping in

The slight tease of warmth last week was like a teenager sitting up on Saturday morning, realizing there's no school and going back to sleep.

They are calling for a snow/rain mix tomorrow. I think I hear Spring snoring.  No doubt she will get up, but when?

I stepped out today after work to see what was happening. The beds are in desperate need of a good cleaning - Saturday is the day.

But, cheerfully there are more signs of life now that the crucus clump has wilted. One of my favorites, Iris reticulata has finally appeared.

The Hellebores are budding out amongst the leaf litter. I can't wait until they show their faces in earnest.

Finally the ostrich ferns are coiled, ready for a slow motion unfurling. But that'll wait still Spring is up and around. I need to thin them a bit and give some away before then.

I just hope she wakes up soon.

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!

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  1. Love the iris. It looks like the same variety as one of those that I have. We must be at least a month ahead of you in weather terms. It's forecast to hit 20 degrees (Celsius) here today.

  2. I do's been a long winter and slow spring!

  3. I agree Mark, it does look like yours. So far only one has emerged though there are more. It is unseasonably cold here, there is not doubt it will warm up, but folks are getting antsy.

  4. It is so exciting to see things begin to come alive in the spring.


  5. I agree Eileen! With the slow start to spring here I think when it does warm up, everything will go with a bang!


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