Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back garden clean out

The shady area in the back garden needed cleaning out - rather badly. I have no idea where all the oak leaves come from. I can't see a tree from my yard. This is also an area that get ravaged by the bind weed.

Besides making the beds, the hops needed to come out.

Some "before" pictures" - ah yes, the hops - you're not going to believe this...

Pretty rough but there are phlox, lilies, and clematis in this bed as well as some volunteer lungwort and  cornflower.

The Hops were incredible, they had sent long thick roots between the landscape fabric and the clay below, any gap is fair game to send up green shoots. It took almost an hour to get 2 plants out. Yet somehow, I think I'll be pulling hops for years to come. Unless you can can contain it, or don't care - plant with caution!

That's better! Not perfect, but better!

I was putting away the tools, moving slowly certainly - this was a 3 Advil day! But I was cheered to see the return of the gold finch, feeding on thistle by the garage door.

Still have a another bed to clear and a fence post to pull and replace  - no rest for the wicked!

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!

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  1. You certainly smartened the place up! Looking more and more like my style of garden every day... :)
    Your Goldfinches look completely different to ours. Yours are bright yellow; ours are much more muted in their colourings - golden, in fact. Perhaps you should call yours "Yellow-finches".

  2. Thank you Becky and Mark! Clearly it needed it badly! Now to just get the fence repaired.


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