Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chilies and first tomatoes

It was happy to have a cool breeze tonight after dinners as I  poked around the garden. What a break from recent days. Let's take a look at the peppers (or chilies if you prefer).

Cherry pepper

Early Bell - these are huge

Hot banana

Hot Red


Any finally, the first couple pounds of tomatoes. Celebrity and Black Prince. The ones on the left asre from the grow boxes, one the right Squarefoot method. I'll be tracking production throughthe harvest.

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!

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  1. The dark-coloured Black Prince tomatoes are particularly attractive. With all those peppers I expect you will be making tons more relishes, won't you? Have you ever made anything like Harissa, or Sambal Oelek? I haven't, but I'm tempted to try if I get a good chilli harvest this year.

  2. Those peppers are huge-wonderful for stuffing!
    And I'm happy to see you have tomatoes--I'm about 2 weeks behind you in the garden so that means BLT's in a couple weeks--hooray!

  3. Hi Mark, Yes I'll be pickling some peppers. Harisa and Sambal Oelek are possibilities. The Black Prince variety is very sweet..


    Sue, I can't wait until they ripen.


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