Thursday, May 27, 2010

Social Day benefits worthy organization

As previously mentioned, my company, along with our sister company performed our social day cleaning up the grounds of a worthy organization. However since it is already posted on the company intranet, I will let that article speak for itself.

Deutsche Börse Group holds first Social Day in Chicago 05/26/2010

Nine staff members participated in the event, and when they set out the weather threatened to storm. Happily, all work was completed by 5 p.m. and the downpour started only after the employees were safely in the bus on the way home. The new plants were soaked by the rainstorm, which even helped save some money on water costs!

When the Group arrived, the colleagues were quickly separated into three groups by acting foreman and avid gardener David Offutt. Offutt, who writes a gardening blog (, volunteered for the job. The three groups were responsible for landscaping three different areas, including the front façade, walkways and new picnic/grill and relaxation areas. Acting foreman Offutt planned the garden and landscaping project so that the project will bring lasting improvement for “Family Matters”. Extra care was taken to select perennial plants that will continue to bloom in future years, as well as a small number of annuals that “Family Matters” employees will use to instruct program participants about the need for ongoing care for the environment.

“Family Matters” staff and children expressed their evident pleasure with their new environment, and while the construction was still ongoing, even enjoyed their very first outdoor after school snack on the picnic table that Deutsche Börse Systems, Inc. and Eurex staff built.

The Social Day was a particularly positive experience for the Deutsche Börse Group employees. Not only did they get to give back to the community, they also were able to enjoy an exercise in friendship and team-building. DBS Inc. participant Kevin Lasch was a satisfied participant: “For me, it was very rewarding to help others, and to do it in a team building environment was very worthwhile. I find great success in seeing the expressions of our finished work in the people we/I am helping. The fact that we stayed dry, was all the better!”
What a flattering article!
Here are pictures from that day.
The "Before Pictures."

The Crew

Getting it done
Here are the "After Pictures"
Everyone worked very hard. The recipients are pleased with the results. We look forward to more projects like this!

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