Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What a difference a few weeks make (plus some rain too!)

We've needed rain for some time, and boy oh boy have we had it! So without further ceremony, here we go.

A lovely early clematis, blooming for the first time this year.

I love the irises. They are a favorite of mine.

The bachelor button keep spreading.

Remember the ferns just a couple of weeks ago? WOW look at them now!

A view of the west bed

A small bed that was new last year. It's doing well.

Some close ups.

That clematis again.

The side garden - also new last year.

I like this little guy.

Looks like the peonies will be great again this year.

Finally a wide shot of the back yard. Roses look happy!

How does your garden grow?


  1. Looks nice out there! BTW, jealous about the veggie garden. Way jealous. I need my backyard to face south or west. Installed a couple different kinds of dwarf willow today and a viburnum. Got rid of the dreaded day lilies and lily of the valley. Bitches ... both of them. ;)

  2. The day lilies took me years to eradicate! I am fortunate in that the backyard at the house faces south as does the veggie plot. Makes a big difference. Stay Tuned!


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