Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chicken on the run!

Bringing you up to date. Yesterday I was bring out the canning pot and I noticed a bird under our feeder. I did not have a clear view because of a fence and plants. I did notice it was walking not hopping. I went to the driveway and took a look.

And what to my wondering eyes should appear but a little chicken still losing its down! I could hardly believe it! I ran inside and grabbed the camera, and was able to get a few pictures. What I was not prepared for was how fast it is. One circle of me walking around the car and I quickly abandoned any idea that I might capture it easily.

Sorta like Bigfoot. There are pictures, but they are fuzzy and can they be verified?

I read up on how to catch a chicken that might not want to be captured. The funniest suggestion was to feed it some lightly vodka dressed bread. Allegedly it will eat it and fall into a stupor enough to be handled easily. It works on people right? OK maybe not.

Tonight I came home and it was still here, taking refuge under the rose bushes. Smart little pullet.

I went inside and puttered for a bit when I cam back out, it was roosting in the rose bushes. Again, pretty smart, of the ground and protected by thorns. But at least it is not moving. I managed a few more clearer shots. Sasquatch confirmed!

Why is it when I see wild life, they are looking at me like I am the bad guy? Whattya looking at?

Oh no, take a picture of my good side!

So there it stays. I don't know the gender, but it could use a name. Any suggestions?

I am not going to be around for the weekend. Hopefully we will be able to capture it and transport it to the veggie plot where it might make some friends.

Stay tuned!

Until later. Keep Digging and Eat Well. But not this little chicken please.

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  1. Love the commentary! Can't wait to read what happens next.

  2. Extra Crispy is an AWESOME name! My mother-in-law thought "breakfast" was a good one as well! I love reading about the adventures of the chicken! :)


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