Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chicken updates go digital...

So here is the exchange between my wife and I regarding "Extra Crispy" the name I've adopted from a reader. It was out this morning when I left for work.  She had school, so was on a different schedule than I. I got a text message on  my phone.

Darling: Chicken is gone.

Clearly this is not enough information for me....

Me: Left, captured, eaten or just gone?

Darling:  Gone

Me: OK

Still not satisfied....

Me: How hard did you look?

Darling: Went in back, and in alley, and filled the feeders

Well, chickens are a jungle bird and adept at hiding, and given that it has food (the bird feeder) and shelter ( the ferns and the rose bushes) I was skeptical that it had flown the coop so to speak.

Three hours later....

Darling: He is back!

Me: OK  ox

I have to be nice right?

When I got home, it was already roosting. I made a half hearted attempt to get close but Extra Crispy is too cagey for me when it is still light out.  Anyway, I feel good about where it is spending the night. It should be safe.

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  1. You need a Catchem' alive trap and some meal worms! Too bad I'm not there, some how I have become everyones local "critter whisperer." :)

  2. On top of that, some cornbread batter, and 11 herbs and spices woulnd't hurt, either!


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