Saturday, August 21, 2010

Critters in the garden

One aspect of gardening, other than pretty flowers or delicious vegetables, is providing habitat for our friends that fly, hop, or even slither.  A garden with varied plantings provide shelter and food for our animal friends.

This morning as I had my morning coffee the yard was alive with happy little animals. I managed to capture a few with my camera but the hummingbird was too fast for me

These guys are voracious! I just filled the feeders 2 days ago!

The squirrel is a funny guy, unless he's raiding the bird feeder. He has his own food supply.

I like the cardinal - seems to say "Whattya looking at?" in the second picture.

Finally a cottontail rabbit, after years of not seeing many they are making a small comeback in the area.

Plant a garden, attract new friends!

Until next time, Keep digging and Eat well! (Just not your friends!)

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