Saturday, April 16, 2011

Color on a rainy morning

I can hear the cardinal singing birdie-birdie-birdie and it's been raining for the last day,  and though it is quite cool, the moisture has spurred the plants, particularly the spring bulbs and ferns to furious growth.

Lets take a walk.....

The first Narcissus is blooming.

These tulips will be the most delicate cream color when they bloom. For now, I'll enjoy the green.

The water is beaded up on the sedum.

And the lilies look prehistoric as they thrust up.

The creeping phlox will be spectacular when it blooms. You can see an iris bed in the background.

The lungwort is in bloom. Some years ago a fellow gardener gave me some, and it continues to pop up around the garden, I love the speckled leaves.

The Hellebore is in bloom! Just in time - The "Lenten Rose"

This tiny tulip is one of the first that I planted seven or eight years ago. I like the way it looks with the volunteer fern.

Speaking of ferns, what a difference a few days makes!  I need to move some of these out.

The bleeding hearts are growing fast as well. These get enormous back in the shady area of the garden.

And the final shot, fern, lungwort and bleeding heart all together.

How does your garden grow?

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!

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  1. Beautiful pictures and garden!

  2. Those plants look lush in the rain. I especially admire those ferns. We have had very dry weather here in the UK over the last few weeks, but really NEED some rain to help things grow. Lots of my plants have "paused". May have to get the hosepipe out tomorrow...

  3. Love the pictures, Dave! You have a beautiful garden!!

  4. I hope it rains for you soon Mark. The ferns will be huge soon. Some of them grow to alomost 4' tall!

  5. Thank you Emilee, rest assured I've carefully left out the hideous beds that are overrun and need cleaning/weeding! ;)


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