Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's OK to change your mind

After listening to several people who have more experience with Square Foot Gardening than I do, I decided to make a small change.

Those wooden slats? Yes, they mark the individual squares nicely - but they take up space and as one reader said - make too much shade.

So we popped them out, and replaced it with strong and bright colored mason's twine. We'll see if it  lasts the summer.

I got to use the template as I put in white and yellow onions.  Some (32) I put in to be larger onions and also filled two squares with them for scallions. The scallions  plant deep and you can crowd the onion sets. We did not have any luck last year with onions over at the veggie plot, I think it might be because the soil was so rocky.

I also filled 4 squares with shallots at 4 per square.

On a final note, the tulips we looked at yesterday? - Some have opened, they are not completely open but they are lovely nonetheless.

I  hope you got out into your garden this weekend and made some progress.

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!

The Gastronomic Gardener
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  1. David, do your new raised beds sit on bare earth, or do those black vinyl liners I see in the pictures extend right underneath them? If it is the latter, this will restrict the depth to about 6 inches, won't it? My raised beds sit on bare soil, so the plants can go down deep if they need to.

  2. what great ideas! i dont have any luck with onions either - i'll be watching to see how yours do in a raised bed. great work!

  3. The project looks good, Dave. Watching your progress with great interest.

  4. Mark - yes the soil depth is about 6-8 inches as they site on top of the weed barrier. I understand your point, and if I have problems this year I may change technique, but this is "by the book".

    @OFG - Thanks! Now only if I had some chickens and cheese!!

    Mike - it's still very early. Plenty of time to put in a 4x4 bed!

  5. Humm, mine too sit on bare ground as well but mine is not 6 to 8 inches deep either. I will be interested to see how they do for you. I think the string is a good idea but the slats did really look nice, lol.

  6. IBecky - I have questions too whether or not 6-8 inches of very friable soil can hold up tomatoes or squash plants. Time will tell!

  7. I love the title of this post! What would gardeners do if we couldn't change our minds about things we've tried? Also, it's exciting to see an example of square-foot gardening in action after hearing a lot about it.


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