Saturday, June 12, 2010

Alvin he is not

The last few years I've been waging war against chipmunks. Last year I eliminated more than 10.

Some of you may protest, they are cute. Yes they are, sadly they are also distructive to the garden and to structures around the house.

My war began a few years ago, late in the summer. I got up, and was having my coffee out on the deck. There, a golden jewel glistened in the morning dew. A perfect yellow, low acid tomato. I thought to myself I would have it as part of my supper that same evening. A long day, tired I was really looking forward to that treat. To my consternation and dismay was a chipmunk holding my prize, half eaten. He looked at me, "Whataya looking at?"

Since that day it has been war. It was touch and go for a few years, but last year I seemed to make headway, by the end of the year they were all very small and not very wary.

This summer I had not seen a single chipmunk. Until today. So I wound up the war machine and eliminated two within a few minutes, one adult and one youngster.  So far Garden 2 - chipmunk 0.
Don't worry, it is as humane as I can make it.

Maybe later I'll run over the  veggie patch.


  1. I've seen chipmunks eating the mortar between the bricks on my house, much less the plant life. Two years ago I learned that they are prone to suicide if prompted and given the opportunity (like depressives and the Golden Gate Bridge). Once the chipmunks started "jumping" I was actually amazed at how many (in the hundreds) live on my lot at any given moment.


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