Sunday, June 27, 2010

Of Radishes and Tomato supports

A quick pop over to the vegetable plot gives us a few things.

First the 5+ inches of rain this month have the garden growing madly!

Second, need to be much more active in thinning some crops, notably the radish as we pulled the last of the crop, but a great deal more never matured. The "french style" radish seemed to do better so we'll put in seeds for them again and try for a second crop.
Same basic story with the beets, except they never matured. I can only hypothesize they are too crowded or the soil too rocky or both. There are some still in the ground so maybe there is still a chance. As I said when I began the vegetable garden it is a learning experience. Better to make mistakes now than when I am depending on the garden for a large portion of my produce.

The reason for the visit was to stake the tomatoes. The little round cages are too expensive and we have too many plants for that to be practical. So I figured we could use 4x8 sheets of concrete wire. The way we planted, the plants are offset I hoped we could run one down the middle and the plants could be staked to it.

For the most part it worked just fine.
Not a very good picture. but maybe you get the idea.

The bush beans are in full bloom and the peas are beginning to fruit out. I don't think the peas will do so much other than to provide a snack while in the garden but the bush beans should give a big harvest. Maybe even enough to freeze or can.
As a parting shot, the pumpkins and squash in the back.
As mobility and time permit, this week should see more maintenance of the veggie plot, it was getting out of hand.

Keep Digging!


  1. Things soon get out of hand when you get some rain, I get what you're doing with the Tomato plants, as long as it holds them up thats all the matter isn't it.

  2. Your veggie garden is looking good. It has gotten hot and dry in South Texas. Most of my garden has done its job of procucing (zuchinni, peas, tomatoes) It is now full of weeds. I think I will be lazy and use the weed killer. I enjoyed looking at your garden. We don't have chipmunks her. I am waging war on raccoons that come after my chickens! Mockingbirds love the tomatoes, so I usually pick them a bit early. Hope you recover quickly!

  3. Hi Shayla, fortunately I am on holiday for the next week so I hope to catch uop and take some more pictures. The trumpet lilt that is as tall as I am, has started to bloom. Also, after a very soggy last few weeks the next 5 days promise to be cooler and dry. A blessing!
    Thanks for checking in Shayla!

  4. Lorilee, Thanks so much for stopping by and the kind words. Hard to believe your veggies are done and mine are just starting to flower. Do you get a second crop in the fall? Thanks for looking in and hope to see you again!


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