Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday morning quick run to the Veggie Plot

Went to the vegetable plot to drop off some kitchen waste and a couple yard bags for the compost heap. It is amazing how much material we put in there and how it keeps compressing down. It does need a layer of carbon soon - so a bit of straw may be in order.

The rain barrels are all full so the design worked, but with so much rain lately we won't need it anytime soon.

What a lovely day, cool, breezy. My kind of weather!

While at the plot we took time to grab a bucket and do some weeding/thinning. I can saw we will likely have more tomatos than we will be able to handle - Good thing, because canning is also on the agenda this summer for the first time.

Radishes and beets were thinned, onions just put in Thursday are already sending up green shoots. Cucumbers, squash, pumpkins are all vigorous. It's a waiting game now. I'm not a fan of waiting but I will.

A walk around the flower beds is next....

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