Sunday, June 20, 2010

Out of commission and What's Old is New

So I  had some surgery on Friday, and am still quite sore and won't be able to do much in the garden for a week or so. Hopefully will get over to the veggie patch if I can tolerate the mobility. There are things happening in the flower beds - we'll see about updating that shortly.

A huge thank you to my wife for cutting the grass and weeding late last week. At least I won't be totally buried when I feel well enough to participate.

Also she picked up an old book circa 1970:

The author J.I. Rodale  was a pioneer in organic gardening as well as a successful publisher.

This is very cool and still relevant today.  Working my way through it and it is wonderful. Just wish I had more land!


  1. Hi Dave, I like your blog, hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hi Shayla, Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for more. - dave


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