Sunday, June 26, 2011

Humble Sunday Harvest

It's pretty modest but has the makings of a fine salad.

Green onion
Crooked neck squash

This makes me happy!

Total harvest so far... a tiny 3.9 lbs.  But tasty and satisfying, with the promise of much much more.

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!

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  1. You got turnips already? Didn't you just plant them last week? Well, it seems like it! Mine took forever to reach an edible size, then tasted bitter and nasty. It must have been the variety.

    Your harvest might be small, but it's certainly perfect :-)

  2. Thank you!

    Yes Granny - a few turnips but seems like most are really good foliage plants and not so much root. The roots I got are nice crisp, radish-cabbage flavor. I may plant more to see what I can get.

    Looking forward to a mostly home grown salad in the next days.

  3. Doesn't need to be big to be nice! At first sight, I thought you had grown a lemon, then I saw it was a squash...
    I don't grow turnips, because Jane doesn't like them much, but we do occasionally eat them as "navets" in a French-inspired lamb stew.

  4. It certainly is bright yellow Mark. It's my first go at turnips - of couse being so new to veg gardening I'll have a lot of firsts!

  5. Be it ever so humble, there is no place like one's own harvest basket.
    Looks great!

  6. Impressive. Everything tastes better from your own efforts. We had fried okra and baked zuchinni rounds for dinner. Even the dog had to have a a zuchinni piece.

  7. Nice Nell, I look forward to our Zuchinni coming in. I have one tiny one so far. Thanks for stopping by!


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