Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Sunny Saturday Morning

Welcome Jessica, I'm glad you are here.

I've been a litle remiss in posting, life keeps getting in the way blogging. The nerve!

It's a beautiful sunny morning, so I grabbed the camera and my coffee and stepped out the back door. There is something for everyone this morning.

I'll start with the vegetables, but if you wish to jump to the flowers, Scroll down.
Green beens starting to blossom

Hairy Tomato blossoms

Cukes growing up the mesh trellis, so far so good!

A healthy start

The peppers are also doing well.
Giant Marconi (sweet)

Hot banana

Greens are a mixed bag. They are growing well, but something is eating them, I will put up a short fence this weekend.
Chard, lettuce, and shallot

Lettuce is happy

Rabbit(?) damage


Green tomatoes in the Growbox

All in all I am rather pleased with the Squarefoot garden attempt. So far so good.

Flower Power!
This week the lilies burst onto the scene.

Good view of Stamen and Carpel. The Anthers will stain fabric, be careful!

I cut this Clematis down to 6" tall last fall. It's over 8' tall now.

One of my favorites, Coreopsis "Moonbeam" just starting to bloom, in a week or so it will be a golden carpet.

That's what I'm up to this morning, now I'm off on a field trip. More about that later!

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!

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  1. I like the veg pictures best! Your cucumbers are so much better than mine. Mine are just about surviving, nothing more. They need some warm weather.

  2. Your Giant Marconi look great. I grow them every year. I usually don't pick mine until they are bright red. How do you use yours once they are picked?

  3. Thanks Karen! This is the first years I've grown them, I suspect I'll grill them and the use them up in antipasto.

  4. great blog If you are the type to update your blog regulary, then you have gained one daily reader in me today. keep up the super work.

  5. Glorious garden photos. Hot Banana - love this name! Frustrating about the rabbits! I found a burrow this year in my potato patch..pesky things.

  6. Thank you Christine! Pesky albeit very cute - they are still very small. I did manage to get up a short wire fence yesterday that should keep them out.

  7. Mark, Looks like we'll get lots of sun and some heat this week, things should really take off!


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