Sunday, June 12, 2011

Of flowers and vegetables.

Honestly, I sometimes first go out with the camera to postpone the mowing and weeding. Today was such an occasion. You've seen the roses, but what is happening elsewhere?  Click on pictures for a larger view.

Along the west garden path, the lupine volunteer is in bloom.

And the drifts of beardtongue are blooming.

The foxglove re-seeded. I love the exotic look of them. The new ones are not as muscular as the original plant but they are lovely. Keep in mind they are toxic if you have pets or small children who are still jamming everything into their mouths.

The lilies are massive! Some are taller than I am and they are loaded with buds. It looks like it will be a spectacular display this year, and I know I'll have to tie them up. The second picture is for comparison. That stalk is thick!

Let's pop over to the Squarefoot garden and see what is happening.

The squashes are starting to fruit.

I've pulled two more fat radishes and the French breakfast radishes are about ready for harvest. I need to bake some bread to go with them.

I am excited about the prospects of Brussels sprouts this fall. So far the plants look vigorous. Here is one in a cage.

The turnips are very healthy, and and the roots are starting to thicken.

Peppers are full of buds. I have about 15 pepper planst so hopefully we'll be  pickling some to put up for the winter.

The eggplant is blooming. They are such pretty plants, the fruit is an extra!

And finally, the Thai basil is blooming, so it is time to pinch it back. But before I do, here it is.

Now I can't put off the chores any longer. I have to get busy.

Until next time, Keep Digging & Eat Well!

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  1. Question for you: is digging the plot a "Displacement activity"?

  2. It has been so cold here this spring, I'm just now getting my summer squash planted! The yellow crooknecks are my favorite. I like to pick them young, before they turn gold and bumpy, then dice them (large dice) into fresh steamed green beans or fresh corn kernels for the last 3-4 minutes of cooking. You'd be surprised at how they take on and compliment the flavor of sweet corn when you only have an ear or two to feed the entire family!

  3. No Mark, but photographing it might be!

    Granny - I will have to try that! Sounds good. a bit of butter, salt & pepper.... Thanks!

  4. S & P and butter is all I add. The squash cooks really fast, and can get mushy if you don't watch it. I'm guessing at 3-4 minutes at the most, I like it just barely fork tender.

    Zucchini sliced in rounds about 1/2" thick, dipped in beaten egg then saltine cracker crumbs, and fried until brown and crisp in a butter-oil mix, with a good sprinkling of S & P, puts Mr. Granny in heaven.


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